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Why I Love to Teach Online


Why I Love to Teach Online A Conversation With Ellen O’Loughlin, AmeriSchools Online Instructor Teaching Perspective AmeriSchools Perspectives (AP): What do you find most rewarding and gratifying about being a teacher? Ellen O’Loughlin (EOL): It feels great to hear my students discussing among themselves how much fun they have had during a lesson or how they are inspired to research more about a topic. Learning is about inspiring, encouraging, and sparking an interest to search for answers beyond the pen and paper. AP: What is the key to engaging and motivating students to learn? EOL: First, you must earn their [...]

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Online Learning: What to Do and Not Do


Online Learning: What to Do and Not Do DO’S DO Create a Home Study Area Set up a dedicated, quiet study area; minimize noise, television, pets, family distractions DO Regularly Connect with Teachers Ensure your teachers know you as a real person and not just an “online student” DO Regularly Connect with Online Classmates Look for opportunities to connect with and study together with online classmates DO Setup a Schedule and Stay Organized Use a (paper) daily planner DO not’S DO NOT suffer from “Screen Syndrome” Take Regular Technology-Free Breaks: [...]

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Why Digital Learning is the Future of Education:


Why Digital Learning is the Future of Education: It is Convenient and Flexible Digital learning tools allow students to access materials online, which means physical distance is no longer a barrier to finding information. There are vast libraries of materials that have completely gone digital, allowing an entire population of people to access these resources easily. When a student is absent, he or she can simply use a class website to review notes, materials, and recorded class sessions that the teacher has uploaded. It Enhances the Learning Process Utilizing a digital learning system allows for both student and teacher to [...]

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