Testimonials from Parents

Our parents say…

Moani Kanae

Lorena Millan

Susan White

Honestly, you guys are the best teachers and best school! You were all on top of this in the beginning, and now ahead of the game!”

Ive heard other schools were not equipped and not accommodating for these difficult times. But not at AmeriSchools — YOU ROCK!”

Its so impressive to know that my child is surrounded by great teachers and mentors at AmeriSchools. Thank you!”

I applaud all of you for everything you do to keep the kids think tanks movinand groovin. You are right up there with the doctors and nurses, in my opinion!”

“Im so glad that AmeriSchools and their teachers have stepped up to handle the situation with urgency and grace..… the online learning has also taught us how to use more of our technology. Thank you, it has been a great experience.”

With AmeriSchools, youre getting the private school feelingwithout the private school costs!”

What keeps me motivated and going is my kids and knowing that we have all the support that we need from AmeriSchools.”

Im with my daughter when shes online, and hear what the teacher is saying, and she just loves what they do. You can tell that they just love being teachers, and that they love you. Its not a job to them, you can just feel the passion!”

“I am highly considering continuing this virtual learning platform again for next year, and Im excited about the new tools you are looking to implement to help both the students and teachers.”

“I honestly prefer this learning platform as my daughter has never had this kind of personal attention in school, and because of it, I saw tremendous growth.”

“AmeriSchools is like a big family, and you can really feel the love they have for our kids.”

and our kids agree!