Online Learning: What to Do and Not Do


DO Create a Home Study Area
Set up a dedicated, quiet study area; minimize noise, television, pets, family distractions

DO Regularly Connect with Teachers
Ensure your teachers know you as a real person and not just an “online student”

DO Regularly Connect with Online Classmates
Look for opportunities to connect with and study together with online classmates

DO Setup a Schedule and Stay Organized
Use a (paper) daily planner

DO not’S

DO NOT suffer from “Screen Syndrome”
Take Regular Technology-Free Breaks: briefly look away from the screen every 15 minutes; Get away from the computer for short breaks every 60-90 minutes

DO NOT be an “Online Addict”
Minimize your online activity outside of schoolwork

DO NOT be a “Secret Student”
Online students should avoid keeping their online learning a secret; share regularly about your studies with your parents and siblings