AmeriSchools Academy Online Instruction Curriculum

Amerischools Academy Online Instruction (“AAOI”) curriculum was designed by the School, is aligned with Arizona state standards, and is customized and further customizable to accommodate both teacher and student requirements. AAOI offers an alternative to traditional school and provides a level of support customized to each student.  A blend of asynchronous (no live, online teacher interaction; student completing assignments from the online learning system and utilizing selective Internet resources) and synchronous (live, online, teacher-directed learning activities) instruction is provided by AAOI. The amount of each system used is teacher-determined according to the needs of the student.  AAOI takes advantage of the unique strengths of the online environment to provide a superior online learning experience. Technology-enabled student performance monitoring provides a valuable tool to assist teachers in evaluating student performance and readiness.  During the 2020-21 timeframe, the AAOI system was tested, tweaked, and refined using groups of actual AmeriSchools students. AAOI’s learning system is not a theoretical concept, but has been confirmed through actual student learning.

A technology plan was developed and rolled out to accommodate the requirements of AAOI. This technology supports the delivery, ease of use, and critical security aspects of the AAOI system. It also provides teachers with real-time access to student educational data.

A key technical consideration for AAOI is online security. Shifting educational delivery from classrooms to hundreds of offsite students and teachers connecting through an unsecure Internet, with little standardization or control, presented a security challenge. The school’s technical team has taken advantage of a cloud-based data storage environment with a seamless integration of software and hardware to provide effective and secure online education for AAOI students.

Specially configured laptop computers are provided to AAOI students for their use in accessing their online education. These laptops are outfitted with software enabling remote and complete teacher control and monitoring of student computer usage.

The standardization in AmeriSchools-provided student computers not only enables online security concerns to be much more capably and effectively managed, but also allows for a more robust, effective, and customized educational experience to be delivered, directly to each student.

During State standard testing, it’s mandatory for online students to be monitored by instructional personnel. Each online student is given the opportunity to test at any one of our campuses or at a public facility. In the event a public facility is chosen, a staff member will be present during the testing process.